Growth and change is what made us, it's also what's shaped us. We started off as a full service marketing agency and have now niched down to online business and online brand building, consulting and coaching. The online world is constantly changing and we're good with dealing with change and making the best out it. Every business should online. Now is the time to take advantage of online automation, efficiency and cost effectiveness. We'll show you how. 

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An exclusive online community of people dedicated to building their businesses, 1-hour at a time, while they work their 9-5's. Year Of The Brand is a membership platfrom that gives its members all the support, skills and tools they need to build the businesses and brands of their dreams. Each lesson, tutorial and masterclass is cut up into easy to complete 1-hour chunks that make it possible for any individual to build their business while they work. 

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What does it take to be an online entrepreneur? How do you build an online audience? Is the laptop lifestyle as fun as it look? Our blog posts answer all these questions and so much more. Entrepreneurial experiences, online business does and don'ts, time management tips and so much more. We're all growing online brands and online entrepreneurs. We're sharing our experiences and our top secret tips on a weekly basis. Head over to our blog page to read our latest reads

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Online Marketing

Social Media, Blogging, Email Marketing

Build your reputation, gain awareness and shape your brand with the right conversations, actions, engagement and follow through.

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Online Business Consulting

Online Business Efficiency

It doesn't have to be an online business in order to do business online. Build online capabilities to increase business efficiency, build credibility and reduce business costs.

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Online Brand & Business Coaching

Sometimes you need someone to help you, motivate you and keep you on track as you build your desired business online. We'll be there to guide you, support you and empower you with the skills you need to make it possible. 

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We live online so if you're looking for us then you'll find us online. Send us a message, pop us a mail or find us on skype

Postal address: Main Exchange, Johannesburg, South Africa